Utown (English)

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Utown (English)

Utown is the story of a seedy neighborhood that a cast of misfits call home. Samuel is a twenty-four-year-old self-described aspiring artist (but mostly a video store clerk) who’s doing his best to avoid adulthood. When gentrification shows up at his doorstep, he must face the fact that the town he grew up in is no longer his safe haven–and that he’s not ready to leave just yet. With no money and little options, it’s time for him to step up and prove his worth as a serious artist or keep on repeating old, toxic behaviors."

Perfect for fans of Scott Pilgrim, Utown is the story of a class-A slacker faced with the prospect of growing up and moving out of their quickly gentrifying neighborhood."

You can now get a copy of Utown without ever leaving your home! Utown is a graphic novel about gentrification, friendship, friendly punks and what it means to move on.

GET IT SIGNED!: You can make a request or dedicate it to someone special. Every signature is accompanied by a unique drawing of one of the book's character.

Published by Oni Press
Graphic novel, slice of life, drama, comedy
Audience: Teens/adults
Perfect bound, soft cover
Number of pages: 216
Black and white
Release date: July 2023